Fizzies Press Release 2011

Chris Briggs, Sales Manager
Amerilab Technologies, Inc.
P: 763-412-4363
F: 877-367-4156
http://www.fizzies .com

The Original FIZZIES ® Drink Tablets Line Extension
Heating up Winter with Hot Cocoa and Hot Apple Cider

Plymouth, Minnesota, April 4, 2011 – FIZZIES® Drink Tablets are continuing their comeback which began in 2006. With the introduction of two new flavors this summer, FIZZIES® is solidifying their strength in the ever growing nostalgic / retro candy category. The Hot versions of FIZZIES® – Hot Apple Cider and Hot Cocoa – are formulated with no sugar and low calories. They are simply Fizzilicious! The first look, taste and touch will be at this year’s NCA Sweet & Snack Expo in Chicago (Booth #232).

Hot Apple Cider and Hot Cocoa are seasonal and limited editions to the FIZZIES® brand. Perfect for the holidays, these effervescent tablets (sold in 8ct boxes) dissolve quickly in warmed milk (Hot Cocoa) and hot water (Hot Apple Cider). The rich aroma is quite captivating and the taste is remarkable coming from a flavored tablet. Now available for purchase, these two Fizztastic flavors will begin shipping in August 2011. FIZZIES® Hot Apple Cider and Hot Cocoa are wonderful contributions to the FIZZIES® family of flavors and are surely to be a hit with all generations of FIZZIES® fans.

The originally cool FIZZIES® Drink Tablets are packed with 100% RDA of Vitamin C, as is the Hot Apple Cider, and are enjoyed in an 8oz. glass of water. Other FIZZIES® flavors (sold in 12ct boxes) include Cherry, Orange, Lemonade, Blue Razz and the most popular, Root Beer.

FIZZIES® are the popular effervescent drink tablets that were the hit of the 1960’s. Often thought of as a candy beverage tablet, FIZZIES® have sold very well within the nostalgic/retro candy category. Baby boomers today love to share their memories, and sometimes mischievous stories, with younger generations. Bottom line, FIZZIES® are fun!

As a healthier, great-tasting beverage, FIZZIES® are the drink kids love to make and those young at heart will enjoy once again. FIZZIES® formula is designed to be a healthy alternative to soda pop and is as much of a thrill to drink as the original product. FIZZIES® are priced right too (SRP $2.99 per box) for families that want their children to enjoy healthier beverages at a reasonable cost. Compared to the cost of bottled soft drinks, FIZZIES® are a more affordable choice.

FIZZIES® are made by the Twin Cities-based company, Amerilab Technologies Inc., the nation’s leader in the development, manufacturing and packaging of effervescent tablets. Available at many candy stores nationally, FIZZIES® also have a strong presence online via e-commerce websites. A box of FIZZIES® weighs approximately 2oz and displays in a tray or in a shipper. Find out more about where FIZZIES® can be purchased at

For more product information, contact Chris Briggs at Amerilab Technologies, Inc.


About Fizzies Drink Tablets

FIZZIES are back, and they’re better than ever! The popular effervescent drink tablets, a hit in the 1950's-early 70's, has returned as a healthy, great-tasting and fun beverage that kids love to make and those young at heart will enjoy once again.
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